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Can I contact my loved one after they have passed on?

There is no set answer to this question. I have read for hundreds and have found there is no correlation.
When I can reach them. I have contacted loved ones who have passed as recently as a day, and souls who have been there for over 3 years or more after they have passed

Do we all have psychic ability?

I believe we do all have the ability to tune in and be sensitive to atmospheres.
You can go to the next developmental level through training. Using intuition in our daily lives can bring rewards. Prayer and devotion is essential. Some individuals are sensitive to the energy of others naturally. So yes, this ability is given to us all, but not everyone is meant to make it our life's calling.
The gift of psychic skill is always meant to help others. The gift should never be used for selfish purposes.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Depending on my bookings for the week I am usually able to get back in touch with you in 24 hours of your message and I can book an appointment for the next week at the latest.

Is there such a thing as a curse?

The mainstream Religions hold that a curse is the opposite of a blessing. They believe that just as miraculous blessings (miracle cures and spiritual cleansing) certainly exist, so the opposite is also true. Experts agree that a curse unless sent out by a team of practitioners, can probably be easily dispelled. My experience is that most people who believe themselves to be cursed can free themselves with a little guidance. If you are still worried, just leave me a message and I will reply explaining how to proceed.
There is usually no need to pay large amounts of money to have a spell or curse removed by exorcists. If anyone indicates you are cursed or have negative energy around you to be removed for a big fee always check with me first and I will look into it for you. Once you find a good psychic and or medium stick with him or her. It is difficult but you must be cautious when seeking a reputable psychic medium. Most importantly remember only insight has the power to change things and we can send out absent healing for a nominal donation.

How long does a psychic reading usually take?

It generally takes about 30 minutes to do a psychic reading but the longer I spend with you, the more can be revealed.

If I book a reading can I bring friends or family?

You can. If they are people close to you, they may help me with their presence. There is no extra charge this. Spirit reading with friends rather that family may cause the psychic focus to become centred on them so they may have take a back seat for a few minutes. If a loved one who has passed on has a message for anyone in the family who is not there for the reading it will be given regardless .

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