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ichard is a renowned spiritualist palmist, medium, astrologist, clairvoyant and Aura reader. He is an established expert in Colour & Art Therapy and  a worlds authority in the field of  past lives research.




strology is well known to be one of the most accurate methods of predicting and appraising an individuals future short and medium term prospects. Richard Lawler uses the most up to date astrologers techniques including the very latest astrological algorithms to obtain finely honed predictions that have radically changed his clients lives.




e has written definitive works on the Tarot and is an acknowledged reference for all astrologers and mystics. "Tarot" ISBN: 0 7089 3646 6 Zodiac hardback

(If you can't afford a copy, your local library will order it for you)


n the last few years whilst based in London, he has toured Europe ( Amsterdam Weesp, Leiden, Antwerp, Berlin and Lubeck ) giving psychic clairvoyant readings and lecturing to his peers and the public on the science of the psychic clairvoyant medium phenomenon.



n 1998, Lawler demonstrated metal bending in laboratory conditions at Imperial College & appeared on Hilversum 8 and before more than thirty million Japanese viewers on Tokyo 1.



e has worked with Spiros Phronimos on space ship tail design and has performed simulations at the national Physical Laboratory at Teddington, London.


Clairvoyant / Medium


e has appeared on "Kilroy" (TV Show) and solved the mystery of a young male suicide live on television.

Richard At A Book Signing in Charing Cross Road


ichard played the initiate in Legend of the witches produced by David Childs of Hexam for Border Films. This film toured the west end for six years. It was made in black and white and was classed as a documentary.



e led a  reading clairvoyant development group at Belgrave Square in Begravia and has advised heads of state from Bermuda to Uganda.



ichard has worked as a management consultant for Arthur Andersen  and continues to advise major companies in their strategic decision making.



is books "Secrets of the Tarot Cards", &  "ZODIAC" co-authored  with Dilys Gater, the famous historical author has literally changed the topology of psychical opinion.



sing his expertise in past lives exploration, Richard has recovered lost artefacts from the Bishop of London's Palace in Fulham proving that the Romans had a route there to Mitcham and Croydon. He heads the Bath Eastern Vedanta movement and is a respected Hindu historian.



lthough his uncannily accurate stock market predictions, using his aura reading and clairvoyant techniques, have brought him security and enabled him to donate substantial amounts to research, his main interest remains with his very down to earth business of using his God given psychic talents to helping others find their way in their lives.



is other interests include his work with Professor Eysynk (the Maudsley clinic)  on introversion, extroversion, IQ, and male - female love comparability based on astrology and in particular, the Sun - Moon aspect versus Mars and Venus sexual links.



ichard gave a reading to Raj Persuad, cognitive psychologist and psychiatrist, and has received referrals from him on fertility visualisations.

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