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Football result prediction calculation.

Do you want to know next weeks football results today?

Below are Richards football predictions for matches coming up

Predicting football match results is a very tricky business as you can imagine. It involves casting the astrological chart for each of the players and the coaches, as you would expect.

But with such a high level of interest and passion invested in the outcome of football games, the only sure way to arrive at an accurate psychic football score prediction, would be to read the aura, psychic state and astrological chart for everyone in sight!

Luckily the Tarot and the great evil: 'statistics', come to our rescue. The Tarot is capable of predicting outcomes for large populations and if used in the correct way, can obtain a set of generalised predictions, each one of which is a skewed subset of the universal symetric set.

Statistical analysis can then arrive, theoretically at least, at an accurate prediction complete with a margin of uncertainty. But don't put your shirt on it!!

The Psychic football match Calculator has some way to go in its development, but why not try it for fun

Home Team

Away Team

If you win, drop me a line :)

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