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Richards' main method of reading is to tune into your aura by voice or any contact. The aura is the body's astral field and is the main vehicle for the soul. His main style is to sense entities and location,  remote in time and space, from the past, and then proceed via the present into the future.

Most actions relating to your decisions come up in the next three months, but potentially, grown up children's paths  can span 24 years plus.

In order to get a better timing for things like house purchases and holidays, Richard prefers to know your date of birth and the nearest big town to where you were born. Optionally, you may list your first three main issues or questions.

R ichard can do a stream of consciousness reading, with no data, through linking to spirits of your relatives and their guides and his guides. Also saints, angels, arc-angels and nature spirits can add form to the sitting.

T hird party reading can only be done for health reasons of for missing persons, else they should come for a reading in their own right. Richard does historic and psychic walks in West London and Piccadilly. Suitable people can develop their own gifts if they commit to a six week program resulting in a certificate of study.

Richard will not do psychic readings for persons under sixteen, but character analysis can be prepared for care planning at younger ages with parents full consent.

Personal readings.

Available for emergency sessions..

Personal Spiritual advice.

Personal Prognostication.

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Psychic Q & A's. If you have a general question

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Contact Richard in London W1 or WC2 to arrange a psychic reading

Football matters including the premier league match predictor.