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Reflections from a higher reality. (psychic reality). Practised exponents of the mystic sciences have described this psychic reality as: 'an existence within no existence'.

This reality filters down to our level through ethereal symbols via the unconscious collective. This can be consciously accessed and once the mind is opened and not resistive to this 'base' layer of reality, it can pass through the symbol matrix into psychic reality.

The main hurdle to bringing the mind to this state ,is overcoming a lifetime of handed down (or presumed) knowledge, about any and every aspect of conscious perception (ie self identity, our body, existence, no existence, God, the devil, everything)

You must literally fall down through the cracks in your incomplete theories, overcoming your arrogance and acknowledging your ignorance. You will fall into pitch blackness, and various hells along the way as you pass through the 'valley of death', whereby your consciousness will be re-seeded in the fertile soil of the unconscious mind thus, re-establishing the long lost connection between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

The vast vast majority of the population's consciousness is 'glued' together by deep grained handed down knowledge, which they build upon over their lifetime on a foundation which could be described as a control platform of stubbornly held beliefs that don't hold up to scrutiny so could be ironicly called crazy paving.

They may reach up for the light like flowers but in the rocky foundation of their misperceptions they will wither and die, unable to reach the light of psychic reality.

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