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Ki Astrology Secrets

 by Richard Lawler

The Secret History of Astrology.

Most earthbound astrology came from agricultural observations and early astronomy.

Diviners mostly practice horo -copy and have little to do with the fixed stars or the physics of the planets. In Chinese astrology we have the 4 pillars of: year, month, day, and hour, with the added elements:  female water, male water. female fire, male fire, female wood, male wood, female earth male earth, female metal and male metal.  the cycle is based on the 12 year cycle of Jupiter over ten decades. Feng shui (wind and water house luck placements) are based on nine star ki.

So called Vedic astrology is really Indian astrology which come from the Greek and Arabic worlds.

The Veda's  only refer to asterisms and lunar mansions. Ironically the NASA space computations are used to calculate positions for planets and stars but the ancients made astounding predictions using the sun and moon and the five inner planets. they had water clocks and time candles and tables of planets calculated by hand brain and eye.

The branches of western astrology are :-

HORARY or of the hour of the querant's question.

ELECTIONARY where an optimum of time is chosen to act or empower a charm, glyph or talisman.

NATAL or constitutional astrology uses earth, air fire water and hot and cold. Modes are common mutable, cadent (falling), fixed and cardinal.

We are largely colloids of cay and fluid responding to gravity and subtle influences.

MUNDANE or world state astrology.

MEDIEVAL or temperamental vital force. Used to predict periods of good and bad health and directions of effort or vocation. Profections were used to anticipate the pilgrims progress.

Fixed STARS are added amplifiers of our fate in this style of practice.

SYNASTRY or charts interacting with other charts people places states religions or institutions.

Psychological counselling:-

based on planetary archetypes and aspects. This says how we feel about things but does not usually allow us to change our dominant fate or escape from the subculture. In a revolution we may find ourselves subservient to the revolutions of the planets.

Recently astrology has been re-introduced to a few universities as an aspect of comparative religion.

Astrology links with palmistry, the tarot, numerology, dice, entrail inspection, ta and coffee ground reading, geomancy, runes, and bird pattern scrying.


The Secrets of Chinese astrology. Derek Walters

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